Homeschooling. Farm Unit.

This September, we slowly started homeschooling Turtle. While we both lean towards unschooling at this age (following your child’s lead and letting him/her learn from everyday living rather than dragging a child where you want him/her to go) I was worried about my own procrastination tendencies and decided to introduce some kind of structure.

As a result, we have about 3 lessons a week. Each month has it’s own theme, each week has a number and 3 Russian letters.

Our theme for September was “A Farm”. Here’s what we did:

* Visited farms, pet farm animals, went on a tractor ride, climbed straw bales, rode a pony
* Planted flower seeds and watched them grow (poor flowers died while we were on vacation but there’s a lesson in that, too)
* Made a farm scene with stickers
* Made crafts (a tractor, a cow, a scarecrow)
* Made a barn from a box and placed animals there
* Sang Old McDonald Had a Farm and “Синий трактор”
* Talked about animal families and what they give us
* Watched a youtube video of cowmilking
* Talked about fruit and vegetables
* Did a variety of farm-themed fine motor skill activities – cutting, pasting, tracing
* Read a bunch of books

These are the resources I used: – Animal families puzzle (moms and babies) – a whole farm-themed package. We used pages 2-4, 9, 10, 18) – cutting practice

I have not used these but they are wonderful as well: – DIY farm diorama – a barn with animals game

You can find more links here .
Since there are few resources in Russian that I like (picky, I know), I made some myself and am happy to share:

Animal Families (mom, dad, and baby) in Russian, with photographs.
Fruit and Vegetables in Russian with photos.
Both sets are 3-part Montessori cards.

These are the stickers we used. This Melissa & Doug pad is truly reusable. There are 5 different scenes but we only used the farm one so far. I have plans for the other ones in the future.
(all the pictures are affiliate links)

Books: I did my best to list everything but I may have forgotten something. We own some of these and some came from the library.

Big Red Barn is a children’s classic.
Little Blue Truck is a poem about a truck and his animal friends. Helps learn animal sounds.
Moo! is a minimalistic story of a cow that stole a car.
Duck on a Bike is one of my personal favorites. A short sweet story with beautiful illustrations.                                                                                                                                                    Busy Bunny Days is a lovely 3-in-1 Wimmelbuch (sort of an I Spy).
Pancakes, pancakes! is a new-to-me story by Erich Karle about all the things one has to do to finally eat a pancake.
Harvest Festival is a story about the beloved Berenstain Bears.
Strega Nona’s Harvest is a story about an Italian grandma with magical powers.
Farm Fun is a book of crafts.
My First Book about Farms is a book about a farm with photographs instead of illustrations.
Farm. Learning Tab Book is a rather large board book for younger kids. Introduces farm animals and the sounds they make.
Charlie the Ranch Dog is a story of a rather lazy dog that lives on a ranch.
The Gardener is a charming story about a country girl who moved to a city and brought her love of gardening with her.
Old McDonald Had a Truck is a book based on the famous song but with a construction-vehicle twist 🙂
Are you My Mommy? is a books about a puppy who is looking for him mom among the farm animals.



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