The Road Is Calling

We’re moving yet again. At this time tomorrow we’ll be flying to Hong Kong via Seattleto settle in the city of Shenzhen, China for the next couple of years. We are excited, we are nervous, we are hopeful.

Right now, it’s a bit hard to look past the road itself: our kids usually do great traveling but they haven’t been on a plane in over a year and we have no idea how they’ll do. I have packed their bags full of entertainment and will later write what worked and what didn’t.

Due to the time difference, we’ll be traveling for over 2 days: leaving the house in GA Thursday morning, landing in Hong Kong late on Friday, probably arriving to our apartment in the wee hours on Saturday. If you have kids or have been around kids, you know it’s virtually impossible to look forward to a trip this long! Yet, somehow I do. I just want to get on that plane already and take me to my home for the next 2 years. I cannot wait for the adventure to begin!


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